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Zombicide: Black Plague transports 1-6 players back to the dark and dingy era of medieval times, where streets are plagued with rats and infection. You and your band of renegades must work together to rid the Zombie scourge from the land, while completing objectives along the way and ensuring your team aren’t overcome by the Zombie Plague!

Zombicide: Black Plague retains much of the beloved gameplay from the original Zombicide game, while also revamping certain elements to improve your zombie-slaying experience! As a survivor, you must work with your team to complete various objectives throughout the campaign. To do this, you must make use of the items on offer while also trying to keep the flesh-eating menaces at bay! Each map is different and every game is fast-paced and tense within Zombicide Black plague.

Use items such as crossbows, chainmail, swords and shields to arm and defend yourself, while casting spells and arcane magic to deter the creatures that are so set on helping you meet your demise.

An element new to this game is the Necromancer, an evil zombie being that spells trouble for all when he appears. The Necromancer can spawn new zombies across the map and make your life that little bit harder and your objectives that little bit more difficult to complete. With various physical improvements alongside the gameplay, such as the plastic character trays, Zombicide Black Plague has taken the pure essence of the original and infused it with even more great content and mechanics to make it one of the best zombie games out there.

Are you ready to take on the medieval undead? Then grab your crossbow and your teammates and take on that medieval zombie horde!

Player Count: 1-6
Time: 60-180 Minutes
Age: 10+

Zombicide Black Plague

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