Sage The Control Grip All In One Hand Blender Set BSB53OUK


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Sage The Control Grip All In One Hand Blender Set BSB53OUK

The Control Grip All-in-One Hand Blender from Sage does everything you could want from a stick blender: it blends, it whisks, it slices, it shreds and it mashes, all with a powerful 700W motor, an ergonomic handle and a compact mini food processor attachment. To call this stick blender versatile would be a bit of an understatement it’s designed for maximum performance and precision.


The bell-shaped 1.6L mini food processor allows you to keep greater control of your mix by reducing suction by 80% compared to other stick blenders. It also has an innovative system of blades to ensure faster and even chopping. No more over-processing your ingredients in the bottom of the bowl while you wait for the ingredients on top to be chopped small enough. The adjustable slicing disc has an incredible 18 thickness settings to let you slice evenly and exactly the measurement you want from a minuscule 0.5mm thin right up to 6mm thick.


Unlike your average stick blender, the Control Grip comes with a number of accessories to help you get your food preparation done in no time at all. The whisk, shredder and masher attachments mean the Control Grip can be used as a traditional stick blender, helping you purée mixtures in tall jugs and blend hot soup in saucepans. The masher is also adjustable: simply twist the adjustable head for fine, medium or coarse mashed potato and reverse the shredder to move from large to small grating teeth. Bowl and attachments are dishwasher safe.

When food prep is done, all the bowl and attachments are dishwasher safe. They also come with a neat storage base, which has a small footprint to fit in tight spaces and keeps everything together and organised.

Ergonomic Handle

With a cleverly designed ergonomic handle, the Control Grip hand blender sits comfortably in the hand, no matter how much you need to blend. The non-slip coating on the handle ensures it stays firmly in your hand, while the large tactile button at the head of the stick means it is easy to turn the blender on and off.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • 18 thickness settings
  • 700W motor
  • 1.6L food processor attachment
  • Whisk, shredder and masher attachments

Model No. BSB53OUK

About the Sage Range

Sage are expert at designing kitchen appliances with cleverly integrated functions to take the stress out of cooking. Their range of smart appliances, which includes kettles, toasters, and blenders, through to their ice cream maker and microwaves, has been exactingly considered to give you perfect results every time, all at the push of a button. Whether its prepping, boiling, whisking, whipping, grilling, cooking and baking, thanks to Sage, cooking has never been so easy.

Each appliance is easy to use, with straightforward controls that do all the thinking for you to give precise results every time. Their impressive range of appliances also come with recipes, hints and tips which help you get the most from your tea-maker, coffee machine or bread maker. The Sage range is an advanced, high-spec collection that’s head and shoulders above the competition.

23 x 31 x 31cm H. 700W. Capacity 1.6 litre.

Sage The Control Grip All In One Hand Blender Set BSB53OUK

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