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This isn’t just your typical iron – it has a built in pump, just like a steam generator, meaning you can harness the technology of a steam generator but in the convenience of an iron.

The pump produces a powerful constant flow of steam whenever you need it. It has been specifically designed to work in synergy with the Aeroglide soleplate, allowing the steam to be evenly distributed, creating a cushioning effect for effortless ironing and a fantastic finish.

Unlike a regular iron, the IntelliTemp technology has one single optimum temperature which is suitable for ironing all fabrics and garment types. This means there is no hassle switching between settings, and waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down, thereby saving you time on your ironing. Because the optimum temperature has been carefully set to suit all fabrics, you can iron your clothes confidently without the worry of damage or producing a shiny finish. Saturn Steam with IntelliTemp will allow a much easier, faster and hassle-free ironing experience.

This iron has a built in pump producing a powerful 1.5 bar of pressure that creates a constant flow of steam in the same way a Steam Generator works, but in the convenience of a traditional iron. So you can get through those large ironing piles with minimal effort.The unique Aeroglide Soleplate shape has been designed to help remove creases even in difficult to reach areas. 485 individual steam holes evenly distribute the steam to create a cushioned effect for an effortless glide and flawless finish.
Most other irons concentrate the steam output through smaller sections, but thanks to all active 485 holes in the Aeroglide Soleplate, the steam doesn’t need to be as powerful as it is distributed in a smarter more effective way and covers a wider surface area.Intellitemp is a single optimum temperature which is suitable for all fabrics, with no burns guaranteed. With the touch of a button you can easily switch between Eco Steam and Turbo Steam. Eco Steam means less water refills. Perfect for everyday use.
Turbo Steam delivers the ultimate steam power to tackle the toughest creases. Plus, you can even iron multiple layers at once saving you both time and effort! No need for an ironing board, the powerful steam output allows you to vertically steam hanging garments and the 3m cable means you can even steam curtains and bedding. To make this even easier and user friendly, the iron produces constant steam with a single touch of a button putting an end to aching fingers and hands! The only iron to have a light! No crease is safe from the Saturn Steam, as the light highlightscreases you might have missed – perfect for darker garments or nooks and crannies in places like pockets and pleats. Achieve a professional finish. Limescale effects everyone, especially those who in live in hard water areas which happens to be over 60% of the UK. Limescale reduces the speed and performance of an iron by clogging the internal parts and blocking the steam output.Saturn Steam has a built-in anti scale cartridge, which reduces limescale build-up and prolonging the lifespan of the product and a self-clean function, which removes limescale built up in the steam chamber.For extra peace of mind, this iron will automatically turn itself off when left plugged in and unused for 30 seconds facedown or 8 minutes on its heel – never feel the “have I left the iron on” fear again!
This means that there is no need to change settings between different fabrics and garments. Just switch on and go.

• IntelliTemp: One temperature for all fabrics, no switching settings
• Steam Generator Technology in an iron: 1.5bar pressurised steam
• 2 Steam Settings: Eco Steam for less water refills / Turbo Steam to tackle subborn creases
• No Burns guaranteed
• Safety feature to automatically turn off, if accidentally left on

Morphy Richards 305003 Saturn Steam Pure Intellitemp

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