Magimix T190 Electric Bread Slicer Meat Slicer 11651


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Magimix T190 Electric Bread Slicer Meat Slicer 11651

For any family who loves nothing better than to setting off exploring with a picnic, busy cooks who are always wondering why they don’t have more time (or help) with prepping for dinner, or parents who prefer to make healthy, bespoke sandwiches for their kids, the T190 Electric Food Slicer from Magimix is the answer to your prayers.

Much loved on the continent, very few European kitchens are without an efficient food slicer – they’re considered invaluable for slicing bread, especially those delicious dark rye breads and, obviously, if you’re frequently slicing cooked meats, salami, cheese and veggies, an electric slicer is worth its weight in gold!

Safe and Easy to Use

To turn it on, you need to press and slide two buttons simultaneously, so it can never be turned on by mistake. Hands are kept well clear of the blade by the food carriage and push plate, and it’s super-easy to adjust the thickness of your slices using the thickness control dial above the collecting plate.

Large Cutting Area

At 19cm in diameter, the serrated stainless steel blade can easily cut slices from the largest loaf – it’s particularly good for slice after uniform slice of bread for a family-sized picnic or a summer garden party, and for dense breads like gluten-free or deli-style rye. It takes all the effort out of cutting sheets of butternut squash for veggie ‘pasta’, as well as being fabulous for slicing through mountains of veg if you’re constructing a beautifully colourful, layered terrine, party-sized moussaka, or Italian tomato salad. And it’ll make light work of huge slabs of cheese or a home-roasted Christmas gammon joint. You can choose to cut slices anywhere from 1mm right up to 28mm thick, so it’s simple to make your own sandwich fillings from wafer-thin to wedge.

Easy to Clean

The food carriage and large stainless steel collecting tray simply lift off when you’re ready to clean up, and the blade unscrews with the help of a coin so you can ensure it’s as clean as can be after every use.

Safety Features

Once your slicing is done, switch the power off, return the blade setting to zero so it’s flush to the back board, and the food carriage locks shut. There are neat hand-holds at each side of the base to help you move it to a cupboard too.

BPA free.

Please note: Magimix recommend wearing protective gloves when handling/cleaning the blade.

Please read the instructions carefully.

About Magimix

Established in 1963 in the Burgundy region of France, a region famed for its gastronomy, Magimix combine the latest technology with traditional cooking techniques to design small electrical appliances that make life easier for even the most serious chefs. Their original speciality was gadgets that help make food prep as easy as possible – after all they are the inventors of the very first food processor – and they still continue to innovate in this field, but their range of products now includes everything from coffee machines to blenders.

39.5 x 28 x 28.5cm H. 5.7kg. Flex 80cm. 150W.

Magimix T190 Electric Bread Slicer Meat Slicer 11651

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