LEGO City 60258 Turbo Wheels Tuning Workshop


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  • Ideal for children aged 6 upwards and all LEGO City fans!
  • Fully assembled, the workshop measures over 14cm high, 17cm long and 13cm wide
  • Fully assembled, the truck measures over 7cm high, 18cm long and 6cm wide
  • Contains 897 pieces and comes with 7 minifigures: City TV’s Harl Hubbs and Tread Octane, 2 mechanics, 3 customers and Jawls the bulldog figure
  • Also includes a wrench, car jack, cup, banknote, pizza box, plate and sausage, welding equipment, milling machine

For fans of action-packed adventure and the LEGO City TV series, this set is brimming with possible scenarios to keep your young drivers occupied!

Operate the engine hoist in the workshop, lift the car with the jack and rescue broken-down vehicles with the tow truck! Pull the lever to prepare cars for towing and turn the dial to operate the engine hoist with uplifting functions.

Visit the small car dealership selling dodgy cars at bargain prices! Chat to Tread Octane and study his prize hot rod or go and see Harl Hubbs with his crazy, rocket-powered motorcycle!

This easy-to-build set helps develop creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, visual-spatial awareness and fine motor skills!

LEGO City 60258 Turbo Wheels Tuning Workshop

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