LEGO 75955 Harry Potter Hogwart’s Express


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  • Ideal for children aged 8 to 14 years old and all Harry Potter fans!

      Welcome to the LEGO 75955 Hogwart’s Express! Next stop: magical adventure!

      Recreate one of the most memorable elements of the Harry Potter world.

      Vanish through the brick wall on Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross station and join Harry, Ron and Hermione on their journey to Hogwarts.

      Find your seats in the carriage and get a chocolate frog from the Trolley Witch, but watch out for the Dementor! Luckily, Remus Lupin is at hand to cast a powerful spell and shield Harry from the terrifying creature, so you can get back on track!

LEGO 75955 Harry Potter Hogwart’s Express

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