LEGO 60196 City Arctic Supply Plane Toy with Ice Vehicle


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Grab your warm gloves, the LEGO City 60196 Arctic Supply Plane is about to take off! Gather the gear you need in the boxes and load them onto the cargo plane, before radioing the arctic expedition team to let them know you’re inbound. Land the plane near the dig site, then jump onto the ice scooter and check out what the explorer has found. Wow, what a nice specimen! Use the ice cutter to remove it, then drag it to the plane and get it secured, before you take off!

Fly cargo to camp in the LEGO City Arctic Supply Plane! Airlift amazing finds with the LEGO City 60196 Arctic Supply Plane, featuring an opening back and ski landing gear, plus an ice cutter vehicle with rotating cab, articulated saw arm and spinning blade, an ice scooter and a frozen saber-toothed tiger encased in an ice formation with translucent blue bricks. This Arctic Expedition set includes 4 LEGO mini figures. Includes 4 mini figures: an arctic explorer, arctic pilot, expedition leader and driver, plus a saber-tooted tiger figure. Lower the ice cutter saw blade and cut into the ice mountain to free the prehistoric tiger. Guide the cargo plane in for a landing with the radio and handheld beacons.

LEGO 60196 City Arctic Supply Plane Toy with Ice Vehicle

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