John Lewis & Partners Deluxe Foldable Scooter Pink


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  • Improves gross motor skills like balance and coordination
  • Teaches the values of concentration and attention
  • Different textures and surfaces help develop sensory perception
  • Supports the development of their communication and social skills

No one’s ever too cool for two-wheeled action! Whether you’re wanting to bring some fun to the school run or throw down some sweet spin tricks on the playground, our scooter has a purpose for everyone.

Designed with your little one’s growth spurts in mind, we’ve made sure our scooter’s ready for them at any age. Equipped with handlebars that can be adjusted to four different heights, they’ll be able to find the perfect ride no matter how much taller they’ve become over summer. You might be buying them new school clothes every year, but you certainly won’t be building up a collection of scooters anytime soon!

We’ve also considered safety with our scooter too. A sturdy non-slip deck and handy rear brake provide improved control, while the lean steering and lock option help them get to grips with riding and turning safely. Don’t ignore the wheels either! With three fitted, they’ll be able to develop balance and gross motor skills in their own time; a blessing in disguise for those of us without any centre of balance!

We haven’t just designed this with the ride in mind though. You might be spending 80% of your day on two-wheels, but what about the other 20% when both feet are on the floor? Well, we’ve thought about that too. Thanks to the foldable hinge where the fork meets the deck, on-the-go storage and a shortage of space at home will never be an issue. You’ll be able to bring it with you wherever you’re able to travel to!

John Lewis & Partners Deluxe Foldable Scooter Pink

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