I.O.Shen Electric Knife Wizard


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I.O.Shen Electric Knife Wizard

Cast a spell over the bluntest of knives and restore them to their former glory, with a little magic from the electric I.O.Shen Knife Wizard knife sharpener.

Be under no illusion, all it takes is the flick of a switch and four simple steps to hone a perfect, precision edge onto any blade, whether smooth or scalloped, paring or cleaver, it’s a worthwhile investment for any kitchen.

Remember, a sharp knife is a safe knife!

How it Works

The Knife Wizard contains abrasive wheels with coarse and fine finishes. Each wheel has 2 slots so you can sharpen both sides of the blade, or, alternatively only sharpen one side dependent on the type of knife that requires sharpening. Use the coarse wheel to achieve a sharp finish then complete the process using the fine wheel.

The Knife Wizard is suitable for a wide variety of smooth and scalloped knives including chef, carving, filleting and Japanese knives.

Lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee on wheels


For I.O.Shen, the pursuit of an amazing knife sharpener was a personal one and once they found it, they realised they were onto something and brought the Electric Knife Wizard to us… it’s become a Lakeland customer favourite in the years since then so, when they came to us with this incredible knife range, we knew they would be high-calibre, premium pieces.

Developed after a visit to the knife sharpener factory in a secret location somewhere in the Far East, the team were offered some Japanese-style knives to try – they were very crude with basic handles but the blades were exceptionally sharp, so I.O.Shen set about developing them.

I.O.Shen believe good cooks deserve proper knives that perform brilliantly, so they improved the handles, brought them back to the UK and gave them to butchers, caterers and chefs for testing to see if the range would be up to scratch for commercial use. The response was incredible! Every one of the testers wanted to buy the samples immediately and more for their friends and colleagues – no-one had ever worked with such a reliably sharp blade before. In fact, certain well-respected professional chef blogs now say that I.O.Shen knives are better than most of the really famous German-style brands.

Long-lasting Sharpness

The secret is in the metal. It might seem obvious that a super-sharp edge is best made from a really hard metal, but super-hard metals are brittle and break easily. I.O.Shen have found a way to create a Triplex sandwich of super-hard steel between layers of a softer stainless steel that protect the core while allowing the Japanese-style 15°cutting edge to be sharpened to a keenness that lasts far longer than most.

Full Tang Handles

The handles have gone onto become things of beauty. Loosely based on the initials I.O.S, the oriental design that you see is an integral part of the Tai Tang – the pattern is created as one piece with the knife blade and the handle is painstakingly hand-finished with care once the heat-resistant ebonite handle has been moulded around the steel.

So, I.O.Shen have achieved a minor miracle… creating beautiful-looking knives that are perfectly weighted and balanced, with long-lasting blades that rarely need sharpening because they maintain their edge so well.

Award Winning

Recognised for their perfection by the Excellence in Housewares Awards, I.O.Shen knives are perfect for professional chefs and home cooks who’d like top-of-the-range, professional-quality knives for their own kitchen. There’s a knife in their range to suit any task as well as a choice of storage options and sharpeners.


Find I.O.Shen Knife Care Instructions here.

22 x 9 x 8cm H. (8½” x 3½” x 3″)

I.O.Shen Electric Knife Wizard

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