GreenPan Venice Pro 26cm Shallow Casserole with Glass Lid


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GreenPan Venice Pro 26cm Shallow Casserole with Glass Lid

Also known as a chef’s pan or sauté pan, GreenPan’s Venice Pro 26cm Shallow Casserole Pan with its superb yet eco-friendly non-stick coating is sure to become one of your most-used pans in no time at all. The hard-anodised exterior and contrasting stainless steel handles make it smart enough to go straight from oven to table when you’re entertaining and we think it’ll be great for risottos and stir-fries too.

Energy saving induction base

A heavy gauge aluminium construction combined with the patented Magneto induction base ensures super-efficient performance on any hob, so your pan will heat up quickly and cook evenly for reliably consistent results.

Metal utensil safe

GreenPan have used a brilliantly clever triple layer system to keep their pans in tip-top condition no matter what your utensils are made of. On top there’s a coating of Thermolon Infinity Professional ceramic non-stick – fabulously effective and durable but with no chemical nasties; next, a layer of diamond crystals – literally rock hard protection for the surface of the pan; and finally, a patented reinforcing Scratch Guard layer.

Oven safe

Because it has a strong, riveted stainless steel handle, this wide pan can go in the oven up to an impressive 260°C, or under the grill to help you make frittatas and carb-free quiches, or toast the top of a gratin-style recipe.

Clear glass lid

Made from durable tempered glass, with an easy-to-grip looped stainless steel handle, it’s simple to see inside the pan to check on the contents and because it’s so strongly made, the lid can withstand up to 220C in your oven.

Durable hard anodised exterior

To ensure that the outside is as tough as the inside, it’s been hard anodised, so it’s scratch resistant and shrugs off spills for easy clean-up.

Dishwasher safe

So there are no worries about adding your pans in the dishwasher with the rest of the washing up, GreenPan have made sure the Venice Pro Pan range can cope with everything a modern home can throw at them.

Suitable for all hobs including induction.

About GreenPan

A Belgian company, GreenPan is the brainchild of two school friends, Jan Helskens and Wim De Veirman, who set out to create a greener, non-toxic alternative to conventional non-stick pan coatings – and 10 years on, their pans are loved all around the world. Refusing to rest on their eco-friendly laurels, they use upcycled stainless steel and aluminium wherever possible and are constantly searching for new innovations such as reinforcing their Thermolon non-stick with diamonds to give it extra durability and resilience.

3.6 litre capacity. 26cm Dia.

GreenPan Venice Pro 26cm Shallow Casserole with Glass Lid

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