DoubleForce Compact DO542140 Multifunction Food Processor


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Why choose between a food processor and a blender? With the Tefal DoubleForce Compact DO542140, you get the best of both worlds in one multifunction appliance. A great companion for smaller kitchens, this space-saving device in classic white has two motor outputs: an orange one for speed and a purple one for spinning force. Simply attach your chosen bowl (chopping or blender) and turn the two-speed dial.

DoubleForce Compact will provide the optimal combination for that bowl: low speed/high spinning force for the chopping bowl, and high speed/low spinning force for the blender. No guesswork and no fiddly settings – DoubleForce Compact does the work for you. There’s also a pulse option for when you want to stay in control. Food prep has never been so easy! From chopping onions to blending smoothies, DoubleForce Compact will double your culinary options – all without taking up valuable kitchen space.

Equipped with 800W of power, a 2.2L chopping bowl and a 1.25L blender jug, it can handle all kinds of food prep tasks, with ease. A choice of stainless-steel chopping blade and two interchangeable discs will make this your go-to food processor for chopping, grating, slicing and blending. There’s even a specially-designed storage box that sits inside the chopping bowl to keep things tidy.

DoubleForce Compact DO542140 Multifunction Food Processor

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