Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender MQ9038A


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Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender MQ9038A

There’s nothing better than a flavour-packed curry, even more so when you have the satisfaction of making it completely from scratch, and whipping up your own perfect blend of spices couldn’t be easier with the Braun MultiQuick9 Hand Blender. There’s more to this versatile maestro than spices however; this mighty blender does it all, helping you to make everything from hearty winter soups to healthy smoothies, and allowing you to grind, chop, blend and whisk your way to culinary perfection.

What’s in the box:

  • MQ 9 hand blender
  • 350ml Coffee and spice grinder
  • 500ml Chopper – chop meat, veg and hard cheeses in seconds
  • 600ml BPA free plastic beaker –with ml and fl oz measurements
  • Whisk – ideal for dessert preparation, you’ll achieve meringue perfection in no time

Spice and coffee grinder

Grinding spices and dry ingredients in seconds, the container is made from stainless steel to ensure there are no lingering smells or flavours, even from your most aromatic spice blends. You can prepare a curry one night, wash it up, then grind your coffee beans for your morning pick me up, with absolutely no flavour transfers, as, let’s face it, no one wants a curry-flavoured coffee…

ACTIVEBlade technology

As well as spinning at speed, the innovative blades also move up and down, doing the hard work for you by significantly reducing the effort of blending hard foods, like whole spices, nuts and raw carrot, and the unique design provides you with 250% more cutting surface, so achieving super-fine results is quick and easy.

SPLASHControl technology

Clever technology helps keep your worktops (and you!) free from food splashes, reducing the time you spend clearing up, and leaving you with more time to enjoy your culinary delights.


This product is all about maximum gain with minimum effort. An extra milling blade provides more cutting per rotation, blending larger pieces of food with ease.

Smart Speed design

There are no complicated settings to bamboozle you, just one large, easy-to-control button where you naturally hold the wand, meaning simple one-handed control that leaves your other hand free to add extra ingredients. The variable speed settings self-adjust to suit the ingredients and their texture as you blend.

EasyClick Plus attachments

Nothing is more annoying than trying to fit fiddly attachments when they just won’t cooperate. Thanks to larger buttons and straight-cut edges, you can switch between attachments with ease.

Easy to clean

Once you’ve finished using the MultiQuick 9, all of the attachments (apart from the gearboxes and lids) can be placed into the dishwasher. Lids, gearboxes and the wand itself can simply be wiped over with a damp cloth.

Model No. MQ9038A

About Braun

From a machine building workshop, founded in Frankfurt in the 1920’s, to a multi award-winning manufacturer of household appliances, engineer Max Braun’s ground-breaking inventions set the standard for Braun’s future success. Known for distinctive design, technological innovation and reliable quality, their appliances have rightfully earned their place in many homes around the world.

With blender attachment 41cm L. 1kg. Flex 1m. 1000W.

Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand Blender MQ9038A

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